True story: last month, my wife and I loaded up our two boys, drove to Colorado, and spent the whole month of January living in the Denver area. We are from Colorado and all our family is out there. We stayed with relatives, and it was a great chance to let our two boys spend time with the cousins they rarely see.

During the month I was able to borrow some table space at an office building in town, and that is where I worked from.

But here’s the kicker…

After three years of working on this site as my full-time job, I have a pretty good idea of what I can accomplish in any given day. My work routine in Colorado was no different than it has been: brew some coffee, scrub my to-do list, get to work. And yet I was regularly finishing up with my day before lunchtime — nearly every day for an entire month.

In a nut, I was getting done in 3-4 hours what I am used to taking me 8-9 hours.

And it really got me thinking that perhaps working out of my home office isn’t the best setup for me. I already have a schedule of leaving the house once a week to work from a coffee shop, but now I’m thinking it should be more.

There is a new coworking studio that opened up not too far from where I live, and once all this snow melts I’m going to start commuting there for a month or two and see what sort of impact it has on my day-to-day productivity and morale.

My biggest concern: I can’t bring my clicky keyboard.

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