This is a sentence I never thought I would publish: Beginning the first week in April I will be writing as my full-time gig.

When I began in July of 2007 it was with the intention of enjoying and exploring that place where creativity and computers come together — I am fascinated by that blend of the artful and the technical. And for almost four years now I’ve been exploring that place while writing this site on the side, as I’ve been able.

But writing on the side, as I’m able, is no longer enough for me.

I simply have to go full time. And so I’m jumping in head first. I’m actually doing it. And I can hardly believe I’m saying this.

After four years and hundreds of articles it all feels like the beginning. As if the hundreds of thousands of words that I’ve written here so far are simply the prologue. I cannot wait for what is next.

The Next Chapter

In many ways, will be the same as it has been. The focus and direction of this site is not changing.

But in some other ways will be different. Or, at least, I hope it will be different. I hope that the quality and the pace of the publishing will rise to a new level of excellence. I hope that the community here will be able to grow and connect more. And I hope to expand to new communication methods in addition to writing.

It is hard to put into words just exactly how excited I am about the days ahead. I’m equal parts giddy and petrified over here. There’s that feeling of: I’m actually going to do this! Um, wait. I’m actually going to do this!?

An Invitation

And so, in order to make this happen for longer than a few months, I need the support of you, the reader.

Help me take full time

I am inviting you guys to join me on this journey, and help me take full time by becoming a member.

A membership subscription is just $3 a month — like a good cup of coffee — and includes some members-only perks. You can read all about the membership and watch a video I made by checking out the membership info page. But here’s the gist of the members-only perks:

  • Supporting the full-time writing and growth of
  • Access to Shawn Today, a daily video/audio broadcast of ideas plus what coffee I’m brewing that morning
  • The Members Showcase
  • Ability to ask questions, get advice, etc…
  • Possibility of winning some cool stuff

Hopefully the value and enjoyment you already get from is worth $3 a month to you and these perks are just icing on the cake. But however you slice it, I would love to have your support as a subscribing member.

Thank you

Surely has one the most amazing readerships out there. Because of you guys this site has been able to grow and mature into what it is today. And that is what is enabling me to take this leap and go full time.

And so now, I’m humbly asking, will you take this next step with me?