This is a nice article by Jeff Abbott (writing on The Brooks Review) about Writer Pro’s syntax highlighting feature:

Do you really want to improve your writing? Share it with a friend or colleague and ask for real feedback.

My initial impressions of Writer Pro still stands 6 weeks later:

Is Writer Pro an impressive, beautiful, and useful piece of software? Absolutely. Is it going to find a place in my iPad writing workflow? I don’t think so.

Six weeks later and Writer Pro still hasn’t stuck for me. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, maybe I just don’t get it, or maybe I’ve simply become more curmudgeonry about changing the tools I’ve been using for years.

Naturally, if there is a better tool available to me — something that would help me and save me time and energy — then I want to take advantage of it. But yet, as I get older, I feel far more concerned with doing the work than with finding the next great thing that will finally empower me to do that better work I always wanted but could never produce.

When I feel my work isn’t at its best, I never point the finger at the tools I have. It’s always about improving how I spend my time and what I’m focusing on. Tools do not an artist make.

Does Syntax Highlighting Actually Help?