Your TextExpander Tip of the Day

Last week I linked to the LaunchBar 5.5 update and commented about its new Snippets feature:

One great advantage of LaunchBar’s snippets is that you can access your whole list with a keystroke and then search for the one you want. Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I forget what abbreviation I assigned to this or that TextExpander expansion (especially ones I use infrequently). And so, for some cases, I expect I’ll be using LaunchBar snippets instead.

After writing that, I received some feedback from folks about a preference in TextExpander that I’ve been ignorant to: you can set a global hotkey which will bring up a search box to search your TextExpander snippets.

TextExpander Search Preference

Hitting the hotkey gets you this search box, which searches both the contents of the expansion as well as the shortcut:

TexExpander Search Box

Yes, some abbreviations are unforgettable, but not all of them. And so if, like me, you sometimes forget what abbreviation you’ve assigned to a TextExpander snippet, then this hotkey preference is for you.

Your TextExpander Tip of the Day