There’s a Fantastic update to LaunchBar today that includes a new Snippet feature, integration with Automator for custom workflows, indexing of iCloud documents, and more.

You can read all about how to create and access LaunchBar Snippets here. Snippets can include placeholder variables (such as date formats and clipboard contents) and they are accessed as easily as LaunchBar’s clipboard history.

While LaunchBar snippets won’t be all-out replacing TextExpander for me, I do suspect I’ll use both. One great advantage of LaunchBar’s snippets is that you can access your whole list with a keystroke and then search for the one you want. Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I forget what abbreviation I assigned to this or that TextExpander expansion (especially ones I use infrequently). And so, for some cases, I expect I’ll be using LaunchBar snippets instead.

LaunchBar 5.5