I love this piece by Federico Viticci:

There will be apps that will mimic Apple’s Mail and Safari interfaces; there will be apps with custom UIs and personalities; and there will be apps that sit somewhere in between. But the potential that I’m excited to see this summer from developers is about the functionality of their apps, and how they will leverage new iOS 7 features to offer experiences that I’m not used to.

iOS 7 is far more than a radical aesthetic redesign — it’s the new foundation for the next era of Apple’s most popular operating system. I am becoming a fan of the more simplified look, and I look at certain screens within the operating system and I think: I can’t believe this is the operating system I get to use every day. The new Lock screen design, the magazine carousel of Safari tabs, the new Siri screen, are all gorgeous.

But what I too am most excited about are the things like the natural-language overview of the Notification Center’s Today view, the quick-access to settings and apps in the Control Center, the new APIs and how they will enable 3rd-party apps, the Z-Axis organization, and more. These are what will take iOS to its next stage of maturity.

The iOS 7 Summer