Dylan C. Lathrop:

[I]ncreasingly I’ve realized that for people like me, one creative outlet isn’t enough. The most interesting, creative people I know express themselves in a variety of ways. I call this practice informing practice […]

How many creative expressions do you regularly do? Off the top of my head I can count 5: writing, web design, front-end web development, podcasting, and now photography.

I like Dylan’s phrase, practice informing practice. What that says to me is all our expressions of creativity feed one another. My daily podcast affects my writing, and vice versa. The mindsets and foundational principles I’ve learned about writing are now teaching me about photography. There’s no argument that the most “important” creative outlet for me is my writing (it’s the one that pays the bills), but if I were to forsake all other creative outlets to focus only on writing, my writing would be the less for it. The muse needs a chance to rest while other creative muscles are exercised.

Creative People Need Multiple Outlets