Frequently Used Keyboard Shortcuts From My Day

I. LaunchBar

To invoke LaunchBar I use command + space. My most frequently used LaunchBar initials and their respective applications are:

S Safari
M Mail
IT iTunes
IC iCal
F Fever
T Tweetie
N NetNewsWire
C Coda
TR Transmit
ME MarsEdit

II. FastScripts

AppleScripts I use regularly, executed with keyboard shortcuts by FastScripts:

Activate Mail shift + command + m
Send Mail message to Yojimbo option + command + y
Non-top-posting email reply option + r
Send Web page to Yojimbo option + y
Title case service control + option + command + t

III. Etcetera

A couple of my favorite apps which make use of universal hotkeys for the keyboard enthusiast:

Invoke the Quick Entry dialog in Things shift + command + space
Invoke Thing’s autofilled Quick Entry dialog shift + command + t
Invoke Yojimbo’s Quick Entry Pane shift + command + y
Frequently Used Keyboard Shortcuts From My Day