MailToYojimbo Script, With Tags Input and Growl Notification

For a long time I have been using Jim Correia’s MailToYojimbo AppleScript to send a currently selected message from Mail to Yojimbo as a new note. The original script, posted by Jim to the Yojimbo Mailing list about three years ago, was very bare bones — simply using the subject of the email as the title of the new note and the message body as the content.

I’ve made my own iteration of the MailToYojimbo script which adds a Tag input pane and Growl notification support. Now when invoked, the script prompts the user to enter any tags before the message is sent to Yojimbo, and subsequently displays a Growl notification once the note has been successfully created. (A hat tip to a couple scripts by John Gruber and Fraser Spiers for which the tag-input and Growl notification code is heavily based upon.)


Updated on March 20, 2012 to work with the Mac App Store version of Growl.