This morning, when trying to unsubscribe from Twitter’s new weekly digest of toots and whatnot, I realized that I could not access my Twitter account settings using my iPad. Twitter insisted on redirecting me to the mobile version of their site and from there you cannot find a link to access your account settings.

Some folks on Twitter pointed out that you can navigate there directly by manual typing in the URL: However, on a mobile device Twitter only shows you a mobile-sized amount of settings:

Twitter Settings on Mobile Safari

I realized that there could be a time when I am working solely from my iPad and forced mobile redirects like this could be a serious issue. In a worst-case scenario I could simply connect to my MacBook Air using LogMeIn, but it would better if I didn’t have to resort to that just to get around a website’s agent sniffers.

Dave Chartier directed me to a 3rd-party Web browser, iCab.

iCab is $2 in the app store and it is absolutely packed to the rafters with options and settings for things. And one of iCab’s features is the ability to choose your preferred user agent. I won’t use iCab as my default browser, but it’s a nice app to have as another tool in the box.

Now I have a Keyboard Maestro macro for telling Safari on my Mac to pretend that it’s Safari on my iPad (usually just so I can watch Kickstarter project videos), and an app on my iPad that pretends it’s Safari on my Mac so I can change my Twitter account settings. Computers.