Ordinary and Uncomfortable

While I wasn’t looking a lot of random categories managed to sneak their way into the post meta. I noticed it’s taking longer and longer to peruse the list of categories, finding just the right twenty-seven that match the post. Too much!

It’s funny, because I don’t even make a big deal of categories here. The WordPress search engine does a great job of finding any and all instances of a longed-for word or topic.

Even if I did parade the list of every post’s category you’d be sure to ignore it — as even the names are redundant and ordinary. For instance, there was Software, Software Reviews, and then, just, Reviews. There was Apple, and iPhone, and Technology; even a Life and Journal category.

Looking deeper, I could see how nearly every post was mingled within in a slew of uneventful definitions; far from simple and enticing. So this morning I deleted all but ten categories and renamed the unimaginative ones.

Journal and Life got the axe as Life in Full Color emerged in their stead. (Speaking of which, this is a category I very much want to add more to. I think this site would do well to have a more personal touch and some transparent stories. Posts such as “Marketing Shoes” and “Josephine” come to mind as the type of writing I’d like to do more of in the future.)

While shoring up the categories I also took time to read through a lot of older posts. And I remembered how I try to forget that so much of what I used to write is riddled with embarrassing grammar, poor attempts at wit, and a generally dull use of the english language.

I like to assume that I’ve always written as I do now. Though I suppose from my own point of view I have — insofar as I have always written as well and honestly as I can at that moment. But now, when I read what two years ago I thought was well written, I want to edit the snot out of it. But I restrained; I want to leave my previous links and articles as-is.

Hopefully in another two years time I’ll look back at what I’m writing now and feel the same abashment I felt this afternoon.

Ordinary and Uncomfortable