A fantastic article by the aforelinked Josh Farmer:

As with any supreme art, great typography lets us become absorbed in the unspoken feeling of the moment because the artists themselves were able to inhabit and express that aura. In this, typographers are actors. They step out of themselves and become something else: the ’70s, velvety, robotic, disinterested, love, fearful, regal, luscious. They transfer the feeling to us—not just the letter or the word. And they do it with aplomb, convincing the public of the time and place the typeface represents.

Josh is an amazing writer, and his weblog, Words From a Father, is by far one of my favorite sites to read. He was keeping his site under the radar for a while, but now that he’s written this full-length essay I have no choice but to link to it and introduce you guys to his writing. Enjoy.

“Typographers Are Actors”