Last Call for the 2012 Membership Drive Giveaway

The 2012 Membership Drive comes to a close this Sunday, March 25, at midnight CST. If you sign up for a membership before then, your name gets thrown in the hat to win one of the over $4,200 worth of prizes. (Veteran members are eligible too, of course.)

To become a subscribing member, click here.

If now is bad for you, you can sign up for a membership any time you like. The members-only perks carry on year round, and whenever it is you sign up you’ll get instant access to all the archives of every episode of Shawn Today and every previous Members Journal.

But, if you become a subscribing member before Sunday night, then your name will be in the hat to win something awesome.

If you have been sitting on the fence, wondering if you should sign up for a membership or not, I say go for it. You’ll be directly supporting the writing I do here, you’ll get access to Shawn Today and The Members Journal, and you’ll be entered to win something cool.

However, if all that is still not enough, I have but one final tactic to see if I can convince you: a picture of the cutest and newest Blanc in town.

Noah Blanc