Dustin Curtis shares a peek at the blogging engine and network he’s been building, codenamed Svbtle.

What I like about this is the way drafts are called “ideas”, and his emphasis on having an open and basic text entry field for writing the posts. As he says in his description there are no plugins, post types, social “share” buttons, etc. Fundamentally, Svbtle is similar in concept to Marco’s blogging software, Second Crack, or to Calepin. In that the emphasis is on simply writing something and then publishing it.

More and more I feel that the categories I use on this site are irrelevant. New readers to the site are not as likely to go back through the archives so much as they are to check in each day and read what’s fresh. And long-time readers looking for a past article are probably going to use search to find it.

My point being, there is this mindset that says “only what is fresh is what’s important.” I am not advocating that mindset, but I do see an extreme amount of value in blogging platform which encourages you to turn your ideas into something formed and then to hit the publish button.

Codename: Svbtle