More Realigning on sbnet

It’s a tipoff to myself that when I start tweaking, editing, and adjusting my site’s design I am slowly becoming tired of it. Not that I don’t like it, but perhaps, somewhere in the unknown recesses in the back of my head there is a much better design waiting to be coded.

My point is, got another refresh over the past few days including:

  • New “popular” post typographic links in the sidebar
  • General cleanup of the Sidebar and Footer
  • New body font-size: 11px instead of 100%, which should make it a tad smaller in most browsers
  • New Colors: I ditched the green for the same orange as I had before, but I went with brown and cream hues for the text and background instead of the old greys.
  • New Masthead

If you’re in your feed reader come on over to the site and take a peek.