Some Favorite Games at “Casa Blanca”

Our boys just had spring break and since spring in Kansas City means sunny and 68 degrees one day and rainy and 42 degrees the next, we spent a decent amount of time playing games (we are a gaming family anyway).

Here are some favorites of ours right now.

  • Root: This is the top game at our house right now (thanks, Mike!). It feels like Settlers of Catan meets Risk. This is definitely more advanced and in-depth — thus my younger two boys (5 and 8) struggle and I have to help them with their turns. My 10yo is great at it. We already have plans to play this tomorrow (Saturday) after breakfast.

  • Skyjoe: Perfect for casual game night with anyone at just about any age.

  • Bang: This has been our family favorite for a several years now. There are several expansion packs as well, and about once every six months we will get a new expansion.

  • Bannanagrams: We will often sneak in a round of Bananagrams before bedtime, or during lunch.

  • Crew: If you like card games such as hearts, spades, etc. Then you’ll enjoy this.

  • (Bonus) Dominion: This is a deck-building card game that my family got into back before we all started having kids. We got so many of the expansion decks that I had to build my own custom card box. Anyway… we haven’t played it in ages, but listing out all these other games reminded me how much fun Dominion is. :)

Some Favorite Games at “Casa Blanca”