5 Quick Links for the Weekend

How goes your quarantine life? Does the outside beckon? What new hobbies have you begun?

Me? In the past week I ordered a Costco-sized container of artisanal pickling spice and have begun to research kitchen knives. Let the reader understand.

Today I have for you a handful of links to some things I have found to be interesting, fun, and worthy of your inbox.

I’m only going to share 5 links today (don’t want to overwhelm). But at this rate I’ve already got more than 3 weeks worth of these types of “quick links” queued up. I recently set up a new folder inside of Ulysses solely for the purpose of collecting these quick links into one spot as I come across them and save them (which is a whole other workflow that probably I’ll share about one day).

I’m not yet sure how to best share these quick links more consistently. I might start sneaking them in to my Friday newsletter more often. Or perhaps begin posting them here to the site the way I used to circa 2007 – 2013. Or, perhaps something else entirely.

Anyway…. Enough with the overthinking. Enough with the dilly dally. On to the links!

. . . . . . .

Seth Godin hates being organized. And in this interview he shares about how you (and I) might be wasting time organizing instead of shipping.

Here’s a Twitter thread of artist’s desks covered with a whole bunch of stuff (books, papers, computer monitors, stacks of stuff…)

Four things that Sarah Peck is doing to claw back some sanity amidst quarantine life. Including working out in the afternoons, which is something I also have began doing and am a big fan of because it gives me more time in the morning to spend writing.

One Switch is a simple and beautiful menu bar app for your Mac that gives you quick access to a slew of helpful and clever settings. I installed it last week and it’s fantastic. Been using it regularly for things like getting my AirPods to connect and hiding my Desktop icons during a Webinar.

7 things that can help you make it through another week. Plus a list of some unhelpful things as well. Yay for new hobbies.

5 Quick Links for the Weekend