Five Reasons to Join The Focus Course

As you look back on your past year, did you make progress in the areas that matter most to you?

On the scale of “reactive versus proactive”, where do you think you landed in areas such as your best creative work?

What about with your relationships? Your health? Your finances? Your hobbies and down time?

As you learned about during the second session of the free Elements of Focus class, meaningful productivity is all about consistently giving our time and attention to the things that are most important.

Living with diligence and focus is not a personality type — it’s a skill you can learn.

The Focus Course can teach you how to practice that skill and develop it.

Here are five reasons the Focus Course is worth your attention…

1. Save Yourself a TON of Time

As my friend Sean McCabe recently said, there is a lot of free information you can find online about pretty much any topic. But it takes a lot of effort to find it, wade through it, and decipher what is worth your energy and what’s not. But a quality course will bring all of that information together and give you the most important nuggets — it saves you time.

The Focus Course is one of the fastest ways to get clarity and momentum in every area your life. We get right to the golden nuggets that will have the most amount of impact in the least amount of time.

In fact, this is one of the main reasons I created the Focus Course. I wanted something that was direct and to the point. I wanted something that taught you through doing.

In The Focus Course, we get right to the directives — the most powerful next steps that are also right in line with the most common conventional wisdom from these dozens and dozens of resources.

I have read my share of productivity books, blogs, and hacks, but nothing I have read comes close to your work in terms of helpfulness, depth, and significance.

— Tracy Banks, Attorney & Law School Professor

2. Help With Overcoming Procrastination

Sometimes, the best way to start making forward progress is to allow someone else tell us what to do.

If you’ve been procrastinating and you need to get clarity and/or momentum, the Focus Course is the easiest next step for you. You just sign up, follow the course, do the assignments, and you’re led along an awesome path.

The Focus Course helped me create a manageable plan of action that worked with my work and lifestyle that I could easily implement.

— Chris Wilson, Teacher

3. Support from a World-Class Community

Just over the weekend we had our 1,000th person sign up for the Focus Course.

I have been blown away by the activity, honesty, and just sheer awesomeness of the Focus Course community. There are people from all over the world and all walks of life, who are taking part, introducing themselves, and sharing their ideas and feedback as they go through the course.

You’ll get the support of this community as well as insight and ideas from others as they work their way through the same activities you are doing.

And the community forum is for more than just asking questions and sharing ideas, victories, and struggles. They are also there for the sake of accountability to help you as you work your way through the Course.

4. Get Back in Control

You may feel that you don’t have the time to take The Focus Course right now because life is already too busy. However, the busier you are, the more helpful the Course will prove to be.

Because the Course helps you improve how you are spending your time and energy right now, you’ll be able to get an immediate improvement in how you are spending your time and energy.

Just as I realized that I needed to rebalance things, I got the opportunity to take The Focus Course. It couldn’t have come at a better time, and I couldn’t be happier with the results it produced in my life.
— John Voorhies, Attorney, iOS Developer, and Father

5. A Very Low Price

The Focus Course is normally $347. However, right now, during this first week of January, the Focus Course is just $297.

This is the cheapest the course will ever be.

I look forward to seeing you inside.

Five Reasons to Join The Focus Course