The Focus Course: Updated for 2016

Version 2 of The Focus Course is now available.

I’ve been working on this version for the past several months, and there are some awesome updates.

On the nerdy side, The Focus Course has received several updates to the custom plugins and the membership management.

On the less-nerdy side, the Focus Course now offers (1) group and team licensing and (2) a slew of new videos. Sweet!

Group Licensing and Registration

Since launching the Course, I’ve spoken with a handful of companies and schools that have expressed interest in group licensing. This is ideal for offices that want their whole staff to go through the Focus Course.

The Focus Course has a strong emphasis on intentionality, self-governance, doing our best work, making progress on a daily basis, etc. While the course assists people with these areas for their “whole self”, the result has a profound effect on people’s work and their work-life balance.

Having your staff or team go through The Focus Course can greatly impact company culture, as well it being an awesome and valuable asset for leaders to sow into their staff.

You can now purchase licenses in bulk, with discounts are available for those purchasing 25 seats or more.

What’s great about the group licensing is that we custom-built a group admin dashboard. If you purchase for a group, then you can manage the licenses of your whole group and track the progress of each member as they make their way through the Course.

If you think the course is something your team would benefit from, shoot me an email and I’d love to help you get set up.

More Than 50 New Videos

The Focus Course now includes a teaching video for every single day. Plus over a dozen new bonus videos from the Elements of Focus class. You can take the entire course simply by watching the video for each day.

Of course, in addition to each day’s video there is also written content. Which means you can watch or read (or both) your way through the Course. And since The Focus Course was originally created as a written manual, the accompanying text stands on its own.

Early Bird Pricing

Version 2 of The Focus Course is $347. However, for the first few days it’s available at an early bird rate of just $297.

When you sign up for the course, you can start right away, or you can wait to begin until a time that’s best for you. Since you’ll get lifetime access to the website there is no rush to start immediately.

The ideal time to start the course is this week. I hope you’ll join me an hundreds of others who’ll be going through the Focus Course to get 2016 off to a great start.

Ready to get your life — or at the very least, your year — in to focus? Sign up for The Focus Course.

The Focus Course: Updated for 2016