We just published our most-recent app review over on the Sweet Setup and it’s for document scanning apps on the iPhone:

It’s the 21st century, and yet there’s still so much paper flooding into our lives: receipts, office forms, bills, letters home from our children’s school, and on and on. Owning a dedicated document scanner can help, but it’s not always nearby when we need it. Luckily, ever since the iPhone’s camera gained sufficient resolution to capture crisp text, there have been a number of document scanning apps that have put the possibility of going paperless much more in reach. After testing a number of these apps, our pick for the best document scanning app on iOS is Scanbot.

There are quit a few excellent apps in this space — PDFpen Scan+ and Scanner Pro, for example — but what I personally like about Scanbot is the whimsy and personality it has. It’s easy and fun to use.

Our Favorite Document Scanning App for iOS Is Scanbot