On this week’s episode of The Weekly Briefly I talk about making and shipping stuff.

There are four dynamics to a product launch: (1) the original product idea and vision; (2) all the work that goes in to making it; (3) marketing and spreading the word; (4) the positive and negative emotions that surround the work and the launch itself.

In this show I focus mostly on the latter two: marketing and emotions.

Many people shy away from marketing, or market their stuff poorly, because they are either embarrassed or they don’t know how to market. Or both. However, good marketing is vital to the success of our products. We want them to do well so we can sustain the work we’ve done and continue to do great work.

Additionally, putting our work out there for the world to see is intimidating and frightening. It’s also exciting. I know many people, myself included, who will feel depressed on a product launch day. And so how do we find emotional health in the midst of shipping our work? How can we be emotionally strong in order to stay on track and develop a life-long history of making and shipping our best work year after year?

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Product Launches are Hard