JetPens is a web store that offers unique, high-quality writing instruments and office toys. Some of their latest and greatest include:

  • An innovative auto-lead-rotating mechanical pencil that always stays sharp as you write

  • Gel ink pens using thermo-sensitive ink that erases by friction
    Multi pens that not only contain 4 different color refills, but a mechanical pencil component as well

  • A pencil sharpener that utilizes a ratcheting mechanism

  • A pen-like gadget that uncaps to reveal portable, spring-loaded scissors
    Durable, metal-bodied pens containing pressurized ink cartridge to add to your everyday carry

Special offer for readers: make any $25+ JetPens purchase through this link, and you’ll receive a free Uni-ball Signo 0.38 gel ink pen with your order!

* * *

A huge thanks to JetPens for sponsoring the RSS feed this week. By far and away my favorite pen is the above-mentioned Signo 0.38 which I first got from JetPens. The JetPens folks set up a deal so that if you spend $25 ordering cool gear from their site, they’ll add one of the best pens in the world to your order for free.

Sponsor: JetPens: Unique Writing Instruments and Desk Toys from Around the World