Yours truly, writing for Macworld:

I’ve used LaunchBar long enough that its actions have become second nature: When I want to launch an app, open a particular file, or perform one of the countless other actions and tasks LaunchBar can handle, it’s a matter of muscle memory—I rarely have to stop my train of thought to think about navigating my computer. And as someone who does creative work with pixels and words every day, preserving my mental energy is just as important as, if not more important than, saving time (though the reality is that LaunchBar does both). In short, LaunchBar helps me to stay focused on doing my best creative work.

Not a lot new in my Macworld review of LaunchBar that I didn’t write about in the review I posted here last week. But I’m linking it up because it’s my first published work for Macworld and frankly I’m pretty proud about it. Crazy to see my LaunchBar article featured on the home page right next to the inimitable Jason Snell.

LaunchBar 6 review: Do-everything utility gets (and looks) even better