Federico Viticci:

The new menu, a scrollable bar with suggestions for searches related to the current search, allows users to discover more apps in search by tapping on suggestions, receiving a fresh set of results. Multiple suggestions can be selected in a single session: searching for “indie games”, for instance, displays suggestions for “action games”, which include “action RPG” into their own suggestions. The new suggestion bar doesn’t alter the way search results are displayed — Apple is still using a cards layout on the iPhone — and, for now, the feature doesn’t appear to be available on the App Store for iPad and desktop computers.

Any changes to App Store search that bring about better results are like sips of cold water to someone walking through the desert. I oftentimes know precisely the app I’m looking for and yet still have a difficult time finding it using App Store search. It’s usually faster to search Google.

Apple Testing Related Search Suggestions on the App Store