Robert McGinley Myers:

What makes the iPad stand out from other tablet computers, and what makes it so much more appealing, is that it was designed with intimacy in mind. And I think we’re just on the cusp of discovering how that intimacy affords different kinds of behaviors, different kinds of creativity and productivity.

This is an excellent article by Rob. And, tangentially, he articulates why it is I ended up picking the iPad mini rather than the iPad Air after my 3 months of side-by-side comparative usage. In short, though the larger screen on the Air was technically better for most things — writing, reading comics, watching videos, surfing the World Wide Web, etc. — the smaller form factor of the iPad mini made that device more appealing to me.

There’s just something a little bit mind blowing about a personal computer that can fit into a purse or the side pocket of your winter jacket.

The Affordance of Intimacy