Good news for fans of The Hit List (via DF):

We have been big fans of The Hit List, Potion’s flagship app, for a while now. We’ve looked around, and we’ve never found a better designed app to handle personal task management than The Hit List, perfectly balanced between power and ease-of-use. We use it every day. And we wanted to keep improving it, but also bring to it a bigger marketing force and level of support than Andy was able to, so that it can reach a bigger audience.

A few weeks ago on Twitter I mentioned The Hit List and was blown away by the number of responses from so many folks that either (a) still use THL, or (b) wish they were using it but had to move on to something different because of it’s slow development cycle.

I personally never got into The Hit List — I was a devout Things user back when THL was at its peak, and I later moved to OmniFocus — but I know a lot of people that were (and apparently still are).

In fact, the very first Sweet Mac Setup interview I ever did here was with Mark Jardine, and he was using The Hit List at the time:

I manage my life and projects with this app. Omnifocus was too much, Things was not enough. The Hit List is the perfect balance of power, simplicity, and beauty. It doesn’t have an iPhone companion yet, but it’s so good I don’t mind waiting for it.

Karelia Software Acquires Potion Factory and The Hit List