For the past 3 months I’ve secretly been working on a new website.1 It is now nearly done and is on track to launch next week.

To stay abreast of the launch, and to stay up to date with the site once it goes live, you really should follow The Sweet Setup on Twitter.

Now, long-time readers of will be familiar with the awesome series of Sweet Mac Setup interviews I’ve conducted over the past several years. I’ve often thought that it would be cool to chart out all the apps and gadgets listed in those Sweet Mac Setup interviews and have some sort of site that listed what was the most popular.2

That’s not quite how the site has landed, but it was the start.

The purpose of The Sweet Setup is to research, test, compare, and find the very best apps for the iPhone and Mac. And, of course, the setup interviews I’ve been doing here over the years will now continue at the new site.

As readers of, you are no doubt familiar with my affinity for fine software — there are just so many fantastic apps out there. That is a huge reason for why I built this site. It’ll be a place that floats evergreen content, recommending the best apps for whatever the task and listing those recommendations and reviews in an easy-to-discover layout rather than a reverse-chronological posting format.

Needless to say, I’m incredibly excited to be launching this new site.

  1. Not entirely in secret. Members who listen to ‘Shawn Today’ have known about the project since September 26th, getting to hear the ups and downs of its development.
  2. A bit of trivia: this new site was originally called “The Sweet Mac Setup”, but I changed it (thanks to the advice of several friends) so as not to pigeonhole the perception of the site only being about Macs.
The Sweet Setup: Coming Very Soon