Home Screen Follow Up

After my article yesterday about iOS 7’s Home screen upgrade, I got quite a few questions about my own iPhone’s Home screen, my choice of apps, and their placement.

So, here’s a bit of follow up to answer some of the common questions.

Why do you only have three icons in your Dock?

A 3-icon dock and an empty bottom row is how I’ve rolled for a very long time. It makes for a more “open” home screen, and I like it.

Wait, what’s with that Tweetbot icon?

See here.

What Weather app is that?

Perfect Weather.

Why do you have the Clock and Camera apps on your first Home screen if your article was all about how those apps are now just one-swipe away thanks to Control Center?

Because old habits die hard. I had the clock and camera apps on my home screen when I updated to iOS 7 and never thought to move them off.

I’ve since swapped the clock app with Day One (which was on my 2nd Home screen). But I’m keeping the Camera app there because, if anything, it’s the best looking app icon that ships in iOS 7.

Home Screen Follow Up