This is extremely nerdy and excellent. I’ve been adding the artwork for Shawn Today manually, via iTunes, for 2 years. The Mutagen Python library, run through a Hazel rule, now does that for me. And, coupled with my aforementioned auto-uploading scripts once I’ve recorded a show, now I simply drop the audio file into a folder and the rest is history.

To get Hazel to grab the artwork and pass it into the Python script, you’ll want to add the following towards the top:

hazelFilePath = sys.argv[1]


And then change the line that grabs the audio file to:

audio = MP3(hazelFilePath, ID3=ID3)


Not only does this enable me to upload and post an Amazon S3-hosted podcast from my iPhone, it also makes my desktop workflow significantly more automated.

It’s hard to explain the amount excitement we’re feeling over here at HQ, but let’s just say Noah was so glad to hear the news he pooped his pants and took a nap.

Embed Album Art Into an MP3 Using Python