QuoteRobot makes it easy to write winning proposals.

Let’s face it, proposal writing generally sucks. It’s unpaid time spent in the hopes of winning a new project. If you’re pitching against other companies, the chances of winning are further diluted. But, it’s a necessary evil.

Here are 3 tips from QuoteRobot to help you win more:

Focus on benefits, not features.
For example, instead of saying you’ll build a WordPress website with a blog (feature), say you’ll attract new customers (benefit) by making a website that’s easier to update.

Provide a timeline.
A detailed timeline with deliverables at key milestones will show that you have a process and have thought about the project from start to finish.

Look fantastic.
A well-designed proposal will convert much better than one authored in Word. If you’re a designer, you gotta represent.

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