New-to-me tip via Devir Kahan:

Here’s the situation: You go to create a new bookmark in Pinboard using the bookmarklet (or you’re searching your Pinboard for a specific tag, or any other time you’re entering a tag into Pinboard), you type a few of the letters of a tag you’ve used in the past, and you hit Return, thinking it will auto-complete the tag. Instead, however, it simply creates that new bookmark with a weird half-tag.

You might think that you should use Return to complete the tag, but by default, in fact, you have to use the Tab key. That’s the trick. Use Tab, not Return, to complete a tag.

I’ve always hit Down-Arrow then Return, which is not nearly as quick as Tab — you learn something new every day.

To pay it forward, did you know that any text you have highlighted in the browser window will auto populate the “Description” field once you’ve triggered the Pinboard bookmarklet?

Use Tab for Tag Completion in Pinboard