For a few days there our iPhones were saying our storage was extended until 2050. That would have been awesome, but it was obviously a glitch. Now the truth is that us former MobileMe members1 are getting one more year of complimentary storage. Thirty-eight more years sure would have been nice, but hey, I’m still happy with one.

This is generous of Apple, and hopefully it’s a hint that by the time next year rolls around they’ll be increasing the default free storage for iCloud members. Five GB just isn’t that much. Between my iPhone backup (3.2 GB), my iPad backup (1.2 GB), my iCloud email (3.4 GB), and a handful of apps storing documents and data (30.6 MB) I’m using 8 GB total of iCloud storage.

  1. Who with an iPhone over the last few years wasn’t a MobileMe member other than the members of Slow USB Syncing Advocates of America?
Former MobileMe Members Get Extended Complimentary Storage for iCloud