This week on The new B&B Podcast, Ben and I talk about Ben’s reluctance to use his iPad as a work device even though he says he wants to, and despite my suggestion that he try chaining his MacBook Pro to his desk. We also talk about our impressions of the Kickstarted Hidden Radio Bluetooth speaker which we and many other backers received this week, my initial impressions of the new Kindle Paperwhite compared to the Kindle Touch, and more.

As a side note, thanks to all of you who’ve gotten in touch with the positive feedback about the shorter episodes and the change in focus for each show. The average show length since we rebooted the podcast 5 weeks ago is currently 31 minutes and 12 seconds.

And, so long as we’re on side notes, if you’re interested in sponsoring the show, please get in touch.

You Never Need It, Until You Need It