Here’s one more Circles-related link. Something I got to see first-hand during the weekend was a new web service called Tagboard. My long-time and good friend Sean Sperte is one of the co-founders and was at Circles Conference, so I asked him to give me the run down of what exactly Tagboard is all about.

In short, Tagboard does live, real-time searches of hashtags across social networks. (Currently Twitter, Instagram,, and Facebook with Flickr and others in the pipe.)

During the conference all the tweets and ‘grams posted using the #Circles2012 tag were aggregated in realtime on this Tagboard search page.

What Glassboard is for group communication during special events, Tagboard looks to be for event-centric conversations. I know Sean and his co-workers have more in mind than this, but for me I see Tagboard as a great app for things like family reunions, friend get-togethers, conferences, and the like. Because not only does it collect all the activity happening across multiple social networks, but then it’s there for archival purposes if you want to go back to it and archive or save some of the links, quotes, pictures, etc. All you have to do is get everyone to agree upon a common hashtag and Tagboard does the rest.