My thanks to The Escapers for sponsoring the RSS feed this week to promote the just-released version of their web-design app, Flux 4. Flux is both a text editor and a WYSIWYG editor for building and designing web sites.

The hallmark feature of Flux 4 is what’s called FreeCode. FreeCode is the Flux text editor that stays un-touched by the WYSIWYG editor. If you’ve ever done WYSIWYG editing you know how mangled your clean code can get. Flux leaves the code you write intact if you switch between the text and the visual editor. Additional new features include: support for MAP and AREA tags, so you can visually edit image maps, code completion, support for TextMate themes and Coda plugins, an all new FTP/SFTP engine, and more.

Flux is available direct from The Escapers website or via the Mac App Store.

Flux 4