Editor’s Note: My thanks to Smile Software for sponsoring the RSS feed this week. TextExpander is one of those staple apps on my Mac that when it’s not running I feel handicapped. I have over 60 snippets I use — from email signatures, to Amazon and iTunes link codes, to custom replies for emails, to common miscapitalizations of certain words, and more.

Moreover, those snippets sync to my iPhone and iPad via TextExpander’s iOS App. And since the iPhone and iPad writing apps I use have built-in iOS TextExpander support, I keep many of the same writing advantages that I have set up on my Mac.

This week the folks at Smile Software are running a 20% deal on TextExpander (and all their software). As it says below, use coupon code SYN0312 in the Smile store to get your discount.

TextExpander can be as simple or as geeky as you want. Whatever your level of experience, there’s a TextExpander tip for you:

Getting Started: Make a snippet for your email address. You’ll be amazed at the keystrokes you’ll save not having to type that over and over.

Intermediate: Add one of the Predefined Groups, like HTML/CSS snippets or instant URL shorteners. There’s even an AutoCorrect group to fix your typos.

Advanced: Try fill-in snippets, which have multiple variable fields. For example, you could have a form letter with blanks for name, product, company, etc. Type your abbreviation, fill in the fields and you’re done.

Even More Advanced: Create your own AppleScript and shell script snippets.

Get the free demo. Don’t miss the 20% off special discount. Use the coupon code SYN0312 in the Smile store (Expires March 31, 2012).

Sponsor: TextExpander