Here’s another good review of the new iPad. Stephen does a good job commenting on each of the major updates the new iPad got (the screen, battery, 4G, camera, etc.).

What strikes me after reading Stephen’s review is: what could be left for the iPad? Now that it has a Retina display and 4G LTE connectivity, I don’t see any other hardware sore spots in need obvious need of attention (other than improving the ability to hold the device with one hand).

No doubt Apple will improve the processor and the battery and the camera and the aluminum shell, but it seems that all of the main things have been brought to market already. Does this mean the future of the iPad is going to be bent towards software? And so perhaps the Mac is where we’ll start seeing hardware breakthroughs next — such as LTE and Retina MacBook Airs?

Stephen Hackett’s Review of the New iPad