The AppleScript I use to send Safari pages into Yojimbo as bookmarks got a little wonky when Lion came out and after Growl moved to the Mac App Store.

Zachery Jensen was kind enough to update the script so that it now properly takes the selected text from your current Safari window and places it as a comment in the Yojimbo bookmark (thanks to David LaSpina).

When updating the script, Jensen left the tell reference for the old-school Growl app (the one that lives in System Preferences). I’ve switched to using Growl from the Mac App Store, so this line:

tell application "GrowlHelperApp"

needed to be changed to this:

tell application "Growl"

That update needed to be done to all the AppleScripts I use which tell Growl to display a notification.

The updated SafariToYojimbo script is available here. And, if you’re interested, I also updated my MailToYojimbo script to support the new Growl.

A Few Minor Yet Important Updates to my AppleScript for Creating Yojimbo Bookmarks From Safari