My thanks to Periodicity for sponsoring the RSS feed this week.

Periodicity is an iPhone app built for managing all of your event reminders. It can handle daily events or to-do items, weekly meetings, annual events (such as birthdays and anniversaries), and everything in between.

Periodicity is not so much an app that you work in or launch on a regular basis. Rather it is more or less a utility app that runs in the background. Once you’ve set a reminder in Periodicity you don’t really need to launch the app again unless you’re setting another reminder or if you want to preview your list of reminders for the upcoming day or week. Periodicity will alert you via a notification on your iPhone when an event reminder becomes due.

Though you can use the app for one-off events, its strong suit is with repeating events (such as daily or weekly meetings, classes, birthdays, etc.). And there is one thing in particular about the way Periodicity lets you set up repeating events that I would love to see in more apps like this.

If you’ve ever had a bi-weekly meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays you’ll know that in iCal you have to set that up as two different meetings — one that is every Tuesday and another that is every Thursday — even if the time, location, and attendees are all the same. Periodicity has one of the more robust sets of scheduling options I have seen, and allows you to set up a repeating reminder for just about any increment of time you can think of:

Periodocity Scheduling Options

Then, when those event reminders do come up, you can check them off, dismiss them, or postpone them to remind you again at a later time.

And right now, Periodicity is just a buck in the App Store.

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