He cancelled his pre-order of the Kindle Touch to get the $79 plain Kindle instead. And he likes it.

(I also pre-ordered a Kindle Touch., and it will be my first Kindle ever. Not only have I never owned a Kindle, I’ve never even held one. The closest I’ve ever come to reading on a Kindle is glancing at the Kindle in use by someone who’s sitting on an airplane seat next to me.

I do not read books all that often, and when I do the iPad is fine. I think if this Kindle purchase were me finally caving in and buying a Kindle then I would likely go with the plain one. Because, like I’ve said, I doubt I would use it all that often and so I might as well get the smallest, lightest, and cheapest one possible. But I’m sticking with the Kindle Touch because that’s the one I want to use and review.)

Stephen Hackett’s Review of The $79 Kindle