I love Amazon and shop there all the time. But I’m just saying, this feels like if the “I’m a PC” guy from the commercials had switched to Mac and then opened a software downloads store.

Also, John Gruber notes about the name, “Amazon Download Store”:

Interesting too, in the context of Apple’s legal pursuit of a trademark for the term “app store”, is that Amazon went with “downloads store” rather than the closed-up “appstore” they use for their Android store.

I think they have to call it the “downloads store”. Not because of trademark issues, but for customer communication purposes.

For the past decade if you’ve bought any software from Amazon.com you were buying the physical media and you got it shipped to your house or office. Which means they’ve got ten years of learned behavior from their customers, and if they called their new Mac app store the “appstore” it wouldn’t be enough to communicate that this software won’t be sent over in a cardboard box.

Amazon’s New Mac Software Downloads Store