If you work at your computer, and your work involves typing at all, TextExpander is a must-have utility. Today’s update to this fine app includes AppleScript support and more.

(Side note about TextExpander: I was chatting with Patrick Rhone yesterday and we were talking about TextExpander, and we had this idea for a cool feature: random snippets. For example (and here is where I give away a secret), I get a lot of emails about typos on this site. I love these emails because I love to discover and fix typos. I have a TextExpander snippet for replying to people when they point out a typo.

I type “ttypo” and it auto-expands to:

Good catch. Fixed now. Thanks!

— Shawn

However, there are a handful of folks that are “regulars” at emailing me with typo discoveries. I don’t like replying to them with the same words every time. It’d be neat if I could assign 3 or 4 different variations of the above thank you note, and every time I typed in the TextExpander abbreviation “ttypo” a different snippet would be generated.)

TextExpander 3.3