There is now a dedicated landing page for Shawn Today. This page serves two purposes:

  • A lot of members want to tell their friends about Shawn Today but don’t know where to send them (since the RSS feed is private). This landing page is the perfect place to link to when talking or writing or tweeting about Shawn Today.

  • Many non-members have asked if I’d ever consider doing a trial membership in order to get a sample of what Shawn Today is like. By having some of my favorite past episodes available on this landing page it gives potential members a way to check out the broadcast.

Moreover, all this week the episodes of Shawn Today are freely available to everyone. It’s not just the members who have helped me get to this point and so I wanted to invite everyone into the behind-the-scenes fun that is the daily broadcast called Shawn Today.

If you head on over to the dedicated landing page you’ll find a few past episodes, today’s show, and it’s where the rest of this week’s episodes will be published to.

The Daily ‘Shawn Today’ Episodes are Free to Everyone All This Week