Shawn Today: A Members-Only Broadcast

Shawn Today is a daily broadcast just to the members of It’s fun, short, raw, and behind-the-scenes-ish.

On *Shawn Today* I talk about things such as: what I’m working on that day, what coffee is being brewed, what news has interested me, and, most importantly, what ideas are churning in my mind.

A lot of the show’s content is either the early stages of what ends up being written on or the commentary for what has already been written. If were a DVD, *Shawn Today* would be that second disc with “The Making Of” and “The Director’s Commentary”.

#### A Few Select Episodes

Here are a a few previous episodes to give you a taste of what the daily broadcast is like:

  • Thoughts on Fanatics: Thoughts on fans vs. true fans (fanatics), and how I haven’t yet had a chance to read the latest Apple rumors. (Recorded 02-15-11)

  • Hot Coffee: Stories of brewing coffee at Anna’s grandparent’s house in northeastern Colorado. (Recorded 02-23-11)

  • Aren’t We All Just 8th Graders?: Debunking that feeling of “once I get popular and/or rich enough then I’ll start pursuing my idea.” (Recorded 03-14-11)

  • Day One [Video]: A brief overview and history on what Shawn Today is like, and talking about today — day one of being full-time on the site! (Recorded 04-04-11)

  • Disgruntled iPad 2 Line-Waiting Folk: For the past couple of Tuesdays when I go get coffee at the local coffee shop, there has been a line at the Apple store of people waiting for an iPad 2. But they always look and act very tired and upset that they are waiting in line. (Recorded 04-05-11)

  • Coffee Mug Tour: A tour of my favorite coffee mugs. No two mugs should be alike. (Recorded 04-06-11)

  • Farming, Obsessing, Emailing, Expecting: My thoughts on why I loved the article by Austin Kleon: How to Steal Like an Artist. Also I talk about the current state of my email inbox and how finances are not the only thing which can get in the way of us pursuing our passion; time management and the tyranny of the urgent will also get in the way. (Recorded 04-07-11)

  • iPhone Home screen [Video]: Yesterday I rearranged my iPhone Home screen for the first time since iOS 4 shipped.

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