My Growing To-Do List for Beginning April 4

  • Write a review of LaunchBar
  • Re-evaluate my approach to time management and how I get things done to best fit my new schedule and work flow
  • Slightly refresh and update this site’s design and completely re-code the WordPress theme from scratch for better load times and valid HTML
  • Write about the differences between how I use and approach Simplenote and Yojimbo
  • Finish that review of Instapaper I started last Summer
  • Write a review about the SSD I put in last Fall
  • Begin asking folks for their participation in a new minimalistic interview series I am planning to launch
  • Begin working on a long-form interview with… (?)
  • Reply to the emails in my inbox from those who are interviewing me
  • Join the Mac Developer Program
  • Install [Redacted]
  • Join the iOS Developer Program
  • Begin work on Book Number One
  • Design a t-shirt or two
  • Remind everyone that memberships are still very much available and more awesome than ever
My Growing To-Do List for Beginning April 4