This morning, while writing about the payment distribution model in my link to Readability, I made a comment that the sites which I am least likely to read using the Readability service are the sites I most likely want to support.

Nate Peretic hits on this issue as well, and offers some other revenue sharing options beyond having to bookmark a web page in Readability:

Readability may want to consider expanding their offering to include an easy-to-update whitelist of sites that are automatically tallied as you browse. For sake of example, each time you end up at and have the Readability add-on installed in your browser the clock starts ticking. Alternatively, a one-click way to mark an article as read without necessarily invoking the Readability interface would suffice.

But do you want to know what really excites me about this whole new business model that Readability has introduced? I’m excited about what users seem to be complaining about. They’re complaining that Readability doesn’t have an even easier way to support and fund the sites they love.

Nate Peretic On the New Readability