Man, I Love this line:

As a consumer experience, the living room is something of a disaster: a sprawling, schizophrenic mess of rat king wires hanging off the back of inscrutable devices sending cryptic signals to one another under the auspices of an alphabet-soup of initialisms and branded nomenclature — HDMI, DVI, component video, Blu-Ray, progressive and interlaced resolutions, Dolby, DTS, etc. — and that’s not even mentioning the terminology that intersects with personal computing.

In short, Khoi’s point is that the new Apple TV hasn’t solved the real issue with personal, home media centers in that they’re awkward to operate. Meaning: good luck watching a widescreen, HD movie in surround sound if you’re not intimately acquainted with all the different remotes and components.

Khoi Vinh’s Thoughts on the New Apple TV