Keeping Mint’s Unique Referrers List Clean and Useful

When I check this site’s new unique referrers list in Mint, I’m looking for referrals from genuine websites written by real people. What I usually get is a muddled list of every search result from every country.

In Mint’s prefrences, there’s a list you can add domains to which you don’t want to show up in the Unique Referrers List. So now you can block But if you block you’ll still referrals from other sites and others. And so the easiest way to solve the litter would be to block the all of main offender’s various URLs by using a single wildcard: `*.google.`*

However, due to the fundamental way Mint works you are unable to use wildcards to remove certain domains from your new unique referrers list. Therefore you have to list each domain separately, and you have to know them all.

I did a bit of research and compiled a list of 286 unique Google domains, many of which send traffic via search results, Google Reader, and translating. Additionally, it’s not that helpful to see all the unique visits coming from the Tumblr Dashboard, someone’s Facebook wall, or an Instapaper/Read it Later/Pinboard account.

Altogether the list includes 291 domains.

There are two things worth noting:

  1. Adding removes the referrals from the Tumblr dashboard (such as, but does not block referrals from sub-domained Tumblr blogs (such as

  2. This list only affects your Unique Referrers List (and its RSS feed if you use it, and you should if you don’t). It will not remove any domains from showing up in the Most Recent Referrers list, nor will it affect the SERPs Pepper.


  • View the list of domains here

  • Select all and copy

  • Go to your site’s Mint install → Preferences → Default Pepper → paste the list into the text field for Referrers → click Done

  • Enjoy

Keeping Mint’s Unique Referrers List Clean and Useful