This plugin by Jonathan Penn is the foundation for how I’m able to make adjustments to my RSS Feed Behavior.

It uses a custom field named linked_list_url (which you have to initially create yourself). If that field is populated when you publish a new post then that post’s template tag, the_permalink_rss, gets defined as the linked-to URL you pasted in.

Since the_permalink template tag stays unaltered there is a lot you can do with calls, functions, if/else loops, and more to get your link posts formatted just the way you want in your RSS feed and on your website.

Additionally, the kind and clever John Stansbury shared with me an edited version of the Press This bookmarklet that works directly in tandem with Penn’s plugin. This version of the bookmarklet adds the linked_list_url custom field to the Press This publishing window and auto-populates that field with the URL of the website you were on when you clicked the bookmarklet. It works on the iPhone, too, though it’s not iPhone optimized.

I’ve posted the code for the bookmarklet as a plain text file here.

Save this file as .php and drop it into your /wp_admin/ folder. Leave the “-cf” addition so the file stays in tact if you ever upgrade automatically. Also, you’ll need to edit the Javascript in your Press This bookmarklet’s address so it references the new press-this-cf.php file.

Linked List URL Plugin for WordPress