Regarding Feedback

I like to keep my car clean because I’m the one that drives it every day, and it is very much in my personality to keep things clean and tidy. But there’s something that puts a skip in my step when a friend jumps in and says, “Whoa. This thing is clean.” That feedback adds a bit of motivation for me to keep cleaning my car.

Although I try to write for myself it’s honestly not quite that pure. The truth is, there is a bit of a high I get from posting a link-list item, or writing an article that I know someone out there is going to really enjoy.

Giving a monolog to the same group of folks every day can become difficult and dry after only a few days. But having a conversation with friends every day can keep you motivated, excited and creative. And the unfortunate downside of a comment-free site is the natural lack of dialog between author and reader.

My point is two-fold. First of all, since you can’t comment on my site, please do communicate your thoughts, critiques, hints and more via email or Twitter.

And secondly, thank you very much for reading — it helps me keep writing.

Regarding Feedback